British Columbia

>KMS Tools

KMS Tools

A Canadian industrial distributor that carries a huge... Read more HERE
>Samuel Hunt

Samuel Hunt

Penticton, British Columbia studio woodworker Samuel Hunt on... Read more HERE
>Sandra Carr

Sandra Carr

Victoria, British Columbia based furniture maker and... Read more HERE
>Steve Neil

Steve Neil

Duncan, British Columbia furniture... Read more HERE
>Seth Christou

Seth Christou

Vancouver, British Columbia furniture... Read more HERE
>Kathryn Miller

Kathryn Miller

Victoria, British Columbia furniture... Read more HERE
>Jay Miron

Jay Miron

Vancouver, British Columbia furniture... Read more HERE
>James Esworthy

James Esworthy

Vancouver, British Columbia furniture... Read more HERE
>Ian Laval

Ian Laval

Brentwood Bay, British Columbia furniture... Read more HERE
>Felix Mckenzie

Felix Mckenzie

New Westminster, British Columbia based furniture... Read more HERE
>Elynyd Benjamin

Elynyd Benjamin

Nelson, British Columbia studio furniture... Read more HERE
>Christina Hilborne

Christina Hilborne

Victoria, BC furniture... Read more HERE
>Chris Zumkeller

Chris Zumkeller

Campbell River, British Columbia furniture... Read more HERE
>Chris Wong

Chris Wong

Pitt Meadows, BC furniture... Read more HERE
>Inside Passage

Inside Passage

Craft education for the aspiring... Read more HERE
>Okanagan College

Okanagan College

Studio Woodworking... Read more HERE
>Selkirk College

Selkirk College

9 month fine woodworking... Read more HERE
>British Columbia Institute of Technology

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Offers practical, flexible, applied education with instructors who... Read more HERE
>The Grove Woodworking School

The Grove Woodworking School

Courses and Workshops will mainly focus on woodworking... Read more HERE
>Island School of Building Arts

Island School of Building Arts

Established in 1997 as a Training Provider for... Read more HERE
>Suncoast Woodcrafters Guild

Suncoast Woodcrafters Guild

We are a non-profit organization promoting the craft... Read more HERE
>Richmond Carvers

Richmond Carvers

We are a non profit organization dedicated to... Read more HERE
>Andres Schneiter

Andres Schneiter

Furniture maker Andres Schneiter from Maple Ridge, BC... Read more HERE
>Central Fraser Valley Woodcarvers

Central Fraser Valley Woodcarvers

Meets every Wednesday from 6:30 to 9:00pm at... Read more HERE
>Smith Plywoods

Smith Plywoods

Smith Plywoods Ltd offers wholesale plywood, including hardwood... Read more HERE
>Reimer Hardwoods

Reimer Hardwoods

A wholesale distributor of wood products in Western... Read more HERE


Your source for superior quality plantation grown teak... Read more HERE
>My Woodcutters

My Woodcutters

Your source for all woodworking cutting tools includes... Read more HERE
>Alfons Laicher

Alfons Laicher

A master craftsman, educated in Germany, Alfons Laicher... Read more HERE
>Big Bear Tools

Big Bear Tools

Canada’s wholesaler of quality imported sharp/edge tools... Read more HERE
>Carlwood Lumber

Carlwood Lumber

Domestic hardwood and softwood dimensional... Read more HERE
>Andy’s Wood Barn

Andy’s Wood Barn

Domestic lumber, tonewood, natural edge slabs, dimensional... Read more HERE
>Slegg Lumber

Slegg Lumber

Dimensional lumber and plywood. Ten locations across Vancouver... Read more HERE
>West Wind Hardwood

West Wind Hardwood

Fine lumber, wood flooring products and European-quality wood... Read more HERE
>The Urban Woodworker

The Urban Woodworker

Hand tool and power tool specific... Read more HERE
>Bahnmann Timber

Bahnmann Timber

Local, sustainably-sourced live-edge... Read more HERE
>Wood to Works

Wood to Works

Tonewood, turning and carving... Read more HERE
>Vancouver Island Woodworkers Guild

Vancouver Island Woodworkers Guild

The Guild meets on the second Tuesday of... Read more HERE
>Miller Woodgood

Miller Woodgood

A not-for-profit woodworking co-operative. Our aim is to... Read more HERE
>Mid-Island Woodworkers Guild

Mid-Island Woodworkers Guild

A resource for people interested in all facets... Read more HERE
>Kamloops Woodworker’s Guild

Kamloops Woodworker’s Guild

Meets the first Thursday of each month at... Read more HERE
>Camosun College

Camosun College

Ten months of full-time education in the Fine... Read more HERE