The right track saw to get the job done

Safety, mobility and precision are paramount to success on the jobsite, and the right track saw is key to getting the job done. Festool answers the bell for woodworkers with the new TSC 55 K. The new track saw provides top-of-the-line power that can cut through the material at-hand up to twice as fast compared to previous generation track saws – while also being unmatched in precision. Further, leading safety features and the ability to customize results mean that Festool engineered the TSC 55 K with the end-user in mind.

A kickback event when using a track saw can compromise user safety and damage the workpiece. The TSC 55 K is equipped with first-of-its-kind kickback stop technology, which halts the blade the moment kickback happens. To complement the new track saw, Festool has unveiled a new line of thin-kerf saw blades that increase the efficiency and battery-runtime of the new track saw.

festool tracksaw

It is important to have a tool that delivers all the power necessary to make challenging cuts without a cord for maximum on-site mobility. The cordless TSC 55 K is just one example of Festool’s commitment to efficiency and mobility. As the woodworking industry increasingly places priority on mobility, Festool continues to advance its cordless line: not only with more premium power tools that operate on the same battery platform, but also by providing professionals and hobbyists with impressive accessories like the SCA 8 Rapid Charger that takes 60% less time to charge a battery than previous technology.

festool track saw

National forests week 2021

Each year National Forest Week (NFW) is celebrated across Canada by many individuals and diverse governmental and non governmental organizations. During NFW, Canadians are invited to learn more about Canada’s forest heritage and to raise awareness about this valuable and renewable resource. Forests are fundamental to our economy, culture, traditions and history – and to our future. Communities, families and individuals depend on forests for their livelihood and way of life.

September 19 – 25, 2021

This year’s theme: “Our forests – continually giving”

national forests week

Laguna releases an all-new lineup of JX series jointers and PX series planers

Just when you thought the world of power tools was stagnant and unchanging, Laguna unveils a massive tool release of 5 new Jointers and 5 new planers. Totally redesigned for 2021 is an innovative lineup of JX series jointers that feature an open toe-kick for improved ergonomics, infeed extension roller to handle longer stock, and a full-length stop bar for absolute control from any position. Choose the size and features you want from the JX6 or JX8 Eco with Quad Tec I carbide segmented cutterhead with extended cutter life and smooth jointing action. Or step up your game with the Sheartec II spiral carbide cutterhead of the JX8 Pro, JX12, or massive JX16 jointer. The Sheartec II is the industry standard for high performance spiral cutterheads, and utilizes a T-bolt design that is vastly superior to the competitor’s cutters. The T-bolt design allows for quick, reliable seating of each carbide cutter for a glass-smooth finish on even the trickiest figured hardwoods.

Laguna machinery

In the market for a new planer? Feast your eyes on the gorgeous new line of PX series planers… starting with the portable PX12 with Quad Tec I carbide cutterhead that’s equally at home on the jobsite or in your garage workshop. While the PX16 and PX20 Shear Tec II full size planers open a whole new world of possibilities to handle slabs and feeding multiple wide boards at once. If only the best will do, research the capable PX22 with electronically variable feed rate.

laguna cutterhead

High-strength and solvent-free hardwax oils

Italian made Maxi Oil and L’Olio are the newest hardwax oils to enter the Canadian market, and both are available from Tegs Tools.

Maxi Oil is a high strength hardwax oil specifically designed for wood floors. It offers excellent resistance against foot traffic and chemical spills. Maxi Oil is easy to apply, with no brushstrokes, thanks to its long drying time. It’s available in 4 transparent gloss levels and in numerous colours in a matt sheen.

L’Olio is a solvent-free hardwax oil made from natural oils and hard waxes. It is 100% solid and has an extremely high yield so you can complete a floor finishing cycle in one coat.

maxi oil
lolio oil

Intarsia, art in wood

For those not familiar with Intarsia, it’s defined as “a mosaic of wood fitted and glued into a wooden support popular in 15th century Italy for decoration”. To a woodworker, Intarsia is the process of making this art.

For more than 30 years, Judy Gale Roberts has been the driving force behind the art form known as Intarsia. Her finished works and extensive array of patterns are second to none.

Although the design may come from Judy, every piece completed while following her instruction, becomes a one-of-a-kind. Why? Because no two pieces of wood are the same and no two woodworkers will shape each piece the same.

Workshop Supply maintains over 400 of Judy’s patterns right here in Canada, ready for pickup or quick shipment to your door. Visit their web page to see for yourself the many designs of Judy Gale Roberts.