A different spin on storage

Need more shop storage? This rotating rack can be custom- built to the size you need, and will give you flexible storage for years to come.

No matter what size shop you have, storage is always an issue. I really like the versatility of the pegboard system of hanging things. The hooks aren’t permanently locked to specific locations on the board, and moving them when you need to adjust isn’t a hassle. The downside in my shop was the linear area it was going to take up, and hence a spinning solution was born. The idea for this rotating pegboard came from the corner cupboard in my kitchen with its internal spinning storage rack.

workshop storage

Build a clamp rack

All shops have their organizational challenges, and there are as many solutions to these challenges as there are woodworkers. Here’s a simple and effective way to store parallel clamps.

 This clamp rack is a great place to start organizing a shop of any size. It can be made with less than 5 BF of your favourite hardwood and holds a respectable 20 parallel jaw clamps. You can adjust the lengths of the horizontal parts, depending on the size of your clamp collection. In addition, this rack includes a built-in shelf that is perfect for holding clamping accessories like glue bottles and bench cookies.

Clamp rack
clamp rack illustration

Make a veneer-cutting jig

Veneer is a great material to incorporate into a project, but it’s not machined in the same way solid wood is. This jig will allow you to trim veneer edges straight so they can be joined and pressed onto a substrate.

Veneer is incredibly underappreciated by most woodworkers. Both highly figured and incred­ibly straight-grained options are available, and are generally a lot more cost effective and sustainable than solid wood, as you use much less of them. Veneer, and the substrates it’s adhered to, is much less likely to move with seasonal humidity changes, making unique and boundary-pushing designs obtainable. On top of that, the ability to use veneer to cover the faces of flat or curved panels is another huge benefit.

veneer cutting jig

Make a scratch stock

This shop-made tool will help you customize small mouldings, as well as add pleasant details to the edges of surfaces. Whether it’s a bead, a groove or something else entirely, a scratch stock will add a third dimension to your work.

scratch stock

Veneer Press Table

The trickiest part of working with veneer is pressing it to a substrate properly. This great little fixture is easy to make and will lend a hand when it comes to pressing veneer for your next project.

When Bessey Tools brought out their workbench adapters it extended the range of their clamps that could be used in the wood shop. It also gave me the idea of a veneer press table that could be modified as needed. While the table in this article is sized for small to medium projects, it could realistically be scaled up to a full sheet of MDF if you wanted.

veneer press table