Super-simple end grain cutting board

End grain cutting boards are not only great to cut on, but they look fantastic. The trick is that they can be on the labour intensive side. Not the case with this end grain cutting board.

This is one of those last minute gift projects that look a lot more difficult than it really is. Including letting the glue dry overnight, you could easily create a small batch of these cutting boards in a 24 hour period. Adding a finish will only take a few minutes each day, for a couple of days.

cutting board

Arts & crafts style quilt rack

What could be more comfortable than curling up on a cool evening with a nice quilt, a good book and a cup of tea? This Arts & Crafts influenced rack is the perfect place to display and store your quilts.  

White oak is the traditional material associated with the Arts & Crafts style, but other woods like maple and cherry were used as well. I have not yet found an original piece made in padauk, but as I prefer to let the natural colour of the wood show through rather than using a stain to colour a piece, the beautiful padauk boards that I stumbled on at the lumber dealer seemed perfect for this project.

quilt rack
quilt rack illo

Build a Queen Anne side chair

This challenging build will reward you with a gorgeous set of dining chairs that will be cherished family heirlooms for generations to come.

For many years Herman Veenendaal has wanted to build a Queen Anne side chair but found very little written about making one. He eventually pieced together the construction details from a number of sources. Herman made this chair from cherry, although most such chairs were made of walnut or mahogany.

Queen Anne side chair
Queen Anne side chair illo

The ultimate router table revisited

This router table was built 20 years ago and has stood the test of time, although over the years a few minor shortcomings have been realized. Learn how the original was built and how to tweak a new build so it’s virtually perfect.

When I designed it, I wanted to incorporate as much storage into the router table as possible so I added two banks of four drawers, as well as the larger storage underneath the drawers. I have used this router table for the past 20 years and love it. In this article I’m going to detail how you can build the ultimate router table by combining the basic design I started with, but improving on a few essential details.

router table
router table illo

Build a nook for your cat

Cats love lounging in cozy, warm places around your home. Rather than have an ugly cardboard box laying around, build this nest for your cat that even doubles as a piece of wall art.

Cats and kids both love small spaces. We’ve always got at least a few cardboard boxes around the house for our two cats, which I’m always tripping over. I thought a better solution would be to make something that was not only fixed to the wall, but something that looked interesting. A cat nest was the perfect combination of human safety and cat friendly; the fact that I could finish it with bright colours was strictly a bonus.

cat nook