Caring for a finish

Caring for a finish

Accidents may happen – these simple techniques can keep your furniture looking like new for many years to come.

Of course you knew better, didn’t you? You were in too much of a hurry to apply finish equally to all sides of that dining room table you had spent the past six weekends tenderly bringing to life. And because of that, the solid table top has cupped badly and cracks are beginning to open up in a few places. All this trouble because you had been in such a hurry to get it done before the annual family Thanksgiving dinner.

It needs to be reinforced that the above scenario is responsible for more premature finish failures than other single cause. Simply stated, you need to give those hidden and not-so-obvious parts of every piece of furniture the same level of attention for finishing. And that means surfacing too, whether you scrape or sand prior to putting on the finish.

Caring for a finish
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