Untitled Vase in Red Pine

This piece was made from the branches of a dead red pine tree using a concentric ring lamination process.

Vase in red pine
red pin vas detail

Woodturning – The Cosmos

I mixed black walnut sawdust from the bandsaw with clear epoxy and poured it into a square mold. When it was set I removed the slab from the mold, milled it and cut it into two equal pieces. From there I used a concentric ring lamination method which I have developed over 20 years as a woodturner to make a rough blank for this bowl. After turning and sanding the bowl was very porous. I filled the holes with white epoxy and after it set, sanded the bowl. A couple of coats of food safe finish and there you have it!

It is 10.75″ in diameter by 3.625″ tall.

Woodturning - The cosmos