Aug/Sep 2021 is a project packed issue


We hope a few of the articles in this project-packed issue will give you enough time to go camping and relax in the backyard, and also get you into your shop now and then.

Speaking of backyards, three of our projects may end up in your backyard — a kids’ play structure, a cedar planter bench and a serving tray. Admittedly, the play structure won’t be completed quickly, but it will allow you to spend time outdoors while building it, as well as time with your kids (or grandkids) when it’s complete. The cedar bench will add a hit of colour, as well as a place to rest, while you’re around the pool or entertaining company outdoors. The serving tray will come in handy whether you’re enjoying a quiet breakfast on the patio or having friends over for a few drinks. This is the Rolls-Royce of serving trays; the figured veneer and quality joinery will make you look great. If you’re not into working with veneer, start with a piece of veneered plywood and you’ll finish this project in time for company tomorrow.

Our fourth project in this issue is a scroll-sawn sign. The approach described by Lesley de Abaitua will give you a solid foundation for creating all sorts of whimsical, beautiful signs. Her approach is simple, but the results look stunning.

Last, but not least, is a beer caddy our editor, Rob Brown, wrote about. It’s intended to be used as a gift to be passed along, and the interesting surprise for each recipient is a list of past gift-givers on the underside of the caddy’s bottom panel. Sign your name on the caddy, give it to a friend as a “thank you” and they can pass it on, too.

Aug-Sep 2021 cover

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