April/May 2021 issue focuses on impact drivers


The impact driver is one of the most sought-after power tools on the market today. We have several features on these powerful tools in the April/May 2021 issue of Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement (now in the mail to subscribers and on newsstands March 15).

With loads of torque for driving large fasteners, impact drivers help on nearly every project, especially on the home improvement side of things.

We take a close look at why you need an impact driver, introduce you to a wide range of impact-ready accessories, review five impact driver kits for under $200 and take a deep dive into three different types of impact drivers available in Canada.

We’ve also included lots of other articles for you. The modern sliding door bookcase pictured on our cover offers storage and strong visual appeal, and our regular Top 10, Know Your Tools, Canadian Quotes, Wood Science and Beginner’s Journey columns offer fun and informative reading. We’ve even included another free Workshop Poster, this time discussing the impacts of moisture on wood, and how you can determine the moisture level of the solid wood in your shop.


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