Air out your shop

Air compressors

An air compressor is a convenient and versatile machine to have in the workshop. They’re great for working on furniture or cabinetry, and they’re just about indispensable when doing any kind of renovation work.

There are a wide range of tools you can use with a compressor, including nailers, pinners, staplers, drill/drivers, sanders, sprayers, vacuum hold-downs, vacuum presses, blow guns, along with a host of mechanical repair tools such as ratchets, wrenches, and grinders.
In my shop I routinely use a pinner to install narrow mouldings, for securing solid wood trim on panels, and to hold small irregular pieces that are difficult to clamp. My brad nailer makes quick work of installing crown moulding, baseboards, and plywood backs on kitchen cabinets. And nothing beats a blow gun for removing dust and debris from my workbench and woodworking projects, and cleaning out my machinery.

Air compressors

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