Add texture to your woodworking

Adding texture

Ever thought of adding texture to your next project? It’s fun, and helps create an eye-catching piece of furniture or woodwork.  

In this video, Rob Brown, studio furniture maker and editor of CWHI, shares some thoughts on getting started with adding texture to your next project.

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  1. Hello M. Brown,

    I just watched your video, and I am very impressed, I’m still far from your talent. I have a question about your comments on the tools, “Gouges very sharp”, what is your technique to sharpen gouges?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Pierre,

      Thanks for the compliment. Sharpening gouges is an art in itself. There are many, many different approaches, to be honest. I used a standard bench grinder, equipped with one quality wheel and one felt wheel. The felt wheel gets charged with honing compound, and is used to get a super shiny surface on the outer face of the gouge. The inner face is honed with a very fine piece of sandpaper wrapped around a dowel. The dowel is sized according to the size of the gouge.

      As I mentioned, there are lots of approaches out there. Do some Googling and see if one method speaks to you. You might also want to consider the sharpening equipment you already have in your shop.

      Hope that helps.


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