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From Rob's Bench:

Trees are wonderful, until a storm hits

Nice colour
Being woodworkers means we all have at least one love in common; wood.
Free Plan:

Simple, yet attractive modern bookshelf

This quick and easy bookshelf is your answer to great looking storage on a budget.

This bookshelf is both 84″ tall and 84″ wide, and finishes at 12″ deep. Though this bookshelf can be made almost any size you want, I sized it to be cut from two sheets of 3/4″ thick plywood, with virtually no waste at all.
Wood Finishing:

Brush on - the right way

disposable brushes
You can get beautiful results applying film finishes. But, to do so, you need to select the right brush and use the right technique.

In addition to using the right brush and the correct technique, practice counts as well – lots of it. Like most things in life, repetition builds skill. You don’t expect to cut perfect dovetails the first time round, nor should you expect to achieve a per­fect finish without practicing your brushing technique.
Tegs - LB - 08-21 - A
Tool Review:

Kinex precision try squares

Kinex try square
Furniture and cabinet making is all about accuracy. Repeatable, accurate measurements are one of the keys to producing quality work and making efficient use of your time. This is achieved by having accurate measuring and marking tools.
Canadian Quotes:

Andrew Szeto

Andrew Szeto
Wakefield, Quebec, furniture maker Andrew Szeto on Instagram, his A-frame cabin and how many mistakes woodworkers should make.
Featured Product:

Akfix Adhesives

Akfix adhesives
Looking for the perfect wood glue? Then look no further, as Akfix has a solution for you. Whether you’re building furniture, pouring epoxy, bonding various materials or making a cutting board, they’ve got an adhesive solution for you.
Free Giveaway:

Last chance to win a Shaper Origin

shaper origin
Shaper Origin is an easy-to-use handheld CNC router that brings digital precision to the craft of woodworking.  
Home Improvement:

Build an interior door

Build an interior door
Building a set of doors is a great way to customize the interior of your home. Design options are almost endless, and it doesn’t take much time or effort to build solid, timeless doors.

The approach I took with these doors was to keep the design and joinery simple, so I could build them with minimal time and effort. Other than for breakout, I stuck with the table saw for pretty much all the joinery. You could easily add more stiles or rails to create a door that matched something existing, or even to change the overall look of the doors.
Featured Product:

High-strength and solvent-free hardwax oils

lolio oil
Italian made Maxi Oil and L'Olio are the newest hardwax oils to enter the Canadian market, and both are available from Tegs Tools.
Kids in the Craft:

Top 10 ways to teach young woodworkers

Teach children woodworking
If young kids show an interest in woodworking, it’s time to take them into the shop. A patient, careful approach while allowing them to lead the way, will set kids up for life-long learning in the shop.
Outdoor Project:

Build a backyard play structure

Backyard Play Structure
Nothing says fun for kids like a swing, slide, ladder and fort crossed with a wooden bulldozer.
"Be willing to become a beginner every single morning."
Meister Eckhart
Big Bear - SB - 08-21
Ecopoxy - LSB - 09-21
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