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From Rob's Bench:

Peter Peirobon’s favourites

Coast Range
Last week I shared American maker Michael Hurwitz’s favourite pieces. In his replies to me he mentioned internationally renowned Canadian maker Peter Peirobon and his “Driftwood Dream” jewelry box.
Free Plan:

Make a depth gauge

depth gauge
For most of us, measuring depth is just a matter of putting a ruler into the mortise and taking a reading. However, there are times when even our skinniest ruler won’t fit. That’s where a depth gauge comes in.
Skill Builder:

Building confidence with hand tools

Building Confidence with Hand Tools
Have you ever associated using hand tools with gaining confidence? If you haven't, I would like to suggest to anyone thinking of taking up woodworking seriously, that they consider the confidence issue.
Ecopoxy - LB - 09-21
Skill Builder:

Carved maple leaf doors

maple leaf doors
Removing some material to create textured maple leaves on solid wood door faces will add a simple, natural focal point to any piece of furniture.
Free Giveaway:

Win the world's best handheld CNC router

shaper origin
Shaper Origin is an easy-to-use handheld CNC router that brings digital precision to the craft of woodworking. Enter before May 31 for your chance to win a Shaper Origin.
Wood Finishing:

Finishing isn't an afterthought

Wood Finishing
For novice woodworkers, learning about wood finishes and how to apply them is just as important as developing wood processing and joinery skills.
Featured Product:

Akfix adhesives

Akfix adhesives
Looking for the perfect wood glue? Then look no further, as Akfix has a solution for you. Whether you’re building furniture, pouring epoxy, bonding various materials or making a cutting board, they’ve got an adhesive solution for you.
Beginner's Journey:

A few loose screws

A Few Loose Screws
My decision to enter the computer era of woodworking wasn’t as easy as I envisioned. Slowly, and somewhat begrudgingly, my workshop has entered the computer age with the recent addition of a com­puter-operated CNC machine and a laser cutter.
"Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat."
Ann Landers
mys-teak -LSB - 09-22
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