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From Rob's Bench:

An engineered arm and lots of fancy wooden boxes

Engineers Arm
I recently bought my nine-year old son a book titled Excellent Engineering: 35 Amazing Constructions You Can Build at Home. With schools closed, and kids mostly at home, I thought it would be good to give him a few other things to do, other than schoolwork. It’s a good book, and includes some fun and challenging projects for kids his age.
Home Improvement:

Construction adhesives

construction adhesives
As the name implies, construction adhesives are used primar­ily in construction and renovation for adhering building materials (sheathing, dimensional lumber, drywall, tile, moulding and the like) together.
Woodworking News:

Building a table has never been easier

Wood shed table tops
Not everyone has the machinery needed to joint and thickness plane large timbers to make tables. With the Wood Shed's large collection of beautiful, authentic solid wood slabs and solid wood and metal bases, crafting your own custom tables is easier than ever.
Canadian Woodworking:

Where you’re likely to be woodworking

home improvement couple
In May, in conjunction with our annual "Small Shop Issue," Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement posted a voluntary online survey for woodworkers. We asked where your shop is located, how small or big it is, and what you make in it.
Wood Finishing:

Two options for finishing your next masterpiece

finishing options
If you’re searching for a finish that’s easy to apply, looks great and is repairable, look no further. These two finishes give you the option of either a very fine, delicate finish or a more durable, everyday finish.
Woodworking News:

Power up with a helical spiral cutter head

A SHELIX head in your jointer or planer combines the advantages of shear, helix and spiral tooth action.

Win a Record Power SC3 geared scroll chuck package

Win a Record Power Chuck
The 1" x 8 TPI SC3 four-jaw chuck is ideal for use on any lathe, particularly small- to medium-sized machines and is compatible with the full Record Power jaw range. Contest ends June 13.

Share your photos

round oak table
You are invited to share your project or workshop photos with our readers.
Round oak table by Mike Bibby
“Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment.
It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.”
Bruce Garrabrandt
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