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From Rob's Bench:

Beston Barnett and a few more covers

Landworth Sideboard
I follow The Furniture Society on Facebook, as they often share makers’ work from across North America. The other day, Beston Barnett’s work caught my eye. Barnett is a studio furniture maker in San Diego, California, who is inspired by many different Arabic-, Asian- and African-inspired motifs. These motifs are often a complex focal point of his work.
Woodworking News:

Lumber supply expected to remain tight

house construction-tyvek wrap
Prices on lumber and sheet goods have steadily risen over the past year while inventory has declined. We checked in with some suppliers and they expect things will remain tight for some time.
Skill Builder:

Next generation batteries: what manufacturers are doing to enhance user productivity

next generation batteries
There has been a lot of innovation in the cordless power tool sector in recent years. We recap the recent developments that strive to bring more power, longer run time, faster charging, and greater convenience to the workshop and jobsite.
Free Plan:

Mahogany secretary desk part 1

Secretary desk
The secretary desk has been a popular piece of furniture since the 17th century. Also called a "slant top" or "drop front" desk, this style of desk offers a great combination of storage space and beauty in a small amount of floor space.
Woodworking News:

The best multi-tool for ultra-fast work

fein AMM700 hero
The FEIN MULTIMASTER 700 is the best multi-tool for ultra-fast work, even for the most demanding applications – with the most powerful motors and at 2 x 2°, the largest oscillation angle by far.

Win a portable clamping workstation

Win a portable clamping workstation
This multi-functional workstation is designed to replace sawhorses, table vises and clamps.
Skill Builder:

Make sharpening easier with diamond stones

Sharpening with Diamond Stones
Sharp tools make woodworking easier. One of the easiest and quickest ways to do the job is with diamond stones.
Woods to Know:

Ambrosia maple

Ambrosia maple
Ambrosia maple is not a species of maple, rather it is a term that describes a distinctive figure common to soft maples that is produced by a beetle and a fungus. The overall look is unique; some woodworkers will like it, others may not.
Woodworking News:

The two-handed surfacing plane for pros and DIYers

Rali 220
The RALI 220 Evolution N Hand Plane, with its ergonomic form for a better working comfort, also features a precision laminated steel sole and anti-corrosion nickel steel side.
“Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience.
Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence.”
Hal Borland
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