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From Rob's Bench:

Japanese woodworking exhibition / Intricate Chinese woodworking / COVID-19 survey

Japanese woodworking exhibition
Over the past few decades I’ve enjoyed learning about Japanese design and woodworking. I’ve even built a few pieces of furniture drawn heavily from Japanese tradition. I'm intrigued by the unique traditions and incredible strength and accuracy that come with how the Japanese have worked wood for many centuries.

Choosing a router table

Choosing a router table
Enhance your productivity, precision and safety with the purchase of a router table. Learn which of the three general styles best suits the work you do.

While you can do a lot with a hand-held router, you will have a greater degree of accuracy, ease, efficiency and safety if you’re using a router table.
Tool review:

Japanese hand saws

Japanese hand saws
Japanese saws (nokogiri) are available in a wide range of styles and configurations with names that you may not be overly familiar with, such as dozuki, kataba, ryoba and kugihiki.

In this article we'll give you an overview of the most common styles of Japanese saws used in western woodworking shops.
Woodworking news:

Festool Canada’s TID 18 impact driver

Festool TID 18
Festool’s new TID 18 Cordless Impact Driver is part of Festool’s robust, new cordless lineup and features Festool’s innovative Li-HighPower 4.0 HPC-ASI 18 V Battery Pack platform. The TID 18 is engineered with a standard 1⁄4” quick-release chuck and T-Mode control that differentiates wood from metal fastening applications to prevent overtightening.

Free resource guide

canadian woodworking Resource guide
Our FREE Woodworking Resource Guide gives you quick and easy access to over 100 of our most popular articles, projects and premium videos.

Categories include Understanding Wood, Methods of Joinery. Gluing, Wood Finishing, Tool Sharpening, Routing and Home Improvement.

View it online or download it now.


Caring for a finish

Caring for a finish
Accidents may happen – these simple techniques can keep your furniture looking like new for many years to come.

Simply stated, you need to give those hidden and not-so-obvious parts of every piece of furniture the same level of attention for finishing. And that means surfacing too, whether you scrape or sand prior to putting on the finish.
Woodworking news:

New FEIN accessory sets

Fein accessories
The new FEIN accessory sets for multitools are perfectly matched to users’ requirements.

FEIN’s portfolio includes more than 180 accessories for FEIN multitools and tools from other brands, making it the largest range available anywhere in the world.

Add texture to your woodworking

Ever thought of adding texture to your next project? It’s fun, and helps create an eye-catching piece of furniture or woodwork.

In this video, Rob Brown, studio furniture maker and editor of CWHI, shares some thoughts on getting started with adding texture to your next project.

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pooch palace
We'd love to see your project or workshop photos.
Pooch Palace by William Swiderski
maloof rocker
"My goal is to make furniture that people can be comfortable living with. If you’re not preoccupied with making an impact with your designs, chances are something that looks good today will look good tomorrow."
Sam Maloof
Chad Martin

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