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From Rob's Bench

Even the simple things take too much time

Closet door
I posted a set of closet doors I was building on Instagram a month or so ago. Just simple solid maple doors with plywood panels. They were paint-grade, and were to be installed in the front door area of our home. Though I didn’t mention it, I was pretty sure they’d take me about a day in total spaced out over the next three days or so to build, paint and install. I didn’t realize this project would span a month and have so many roadblocks.
Woodworking news

Wood manufacturers promote woodworking careers

Students learn woodworking
Across Canada companies that depend on employing workers trained with woodworking skills have stepped up efforts to provide resources to encourage more students to consider a career in wood manufacturing as well as provide curriculum for schools and teachers. Efforts are coordinated by the Wood Manufacturing Council (WMC), a non-profit corporation.
Skill builder

How to better use a router – Part 1

Top10 Tips for Using a Router
Routers can do so much in a small shop setting. Learn how to use them to their fullest potential so you can harness their efficiency, accuracy and flexibility. Here are 10 things to consider before you even turn on your router.
Woodworking news

For an easy-on, hand-rubbed finish

Watco Danish Oil
WATCO Danish Oil is a unique blend of penetrating oil and varnish that hardens in the wood, not on the wood.
Free plan

Floating top console

Floating top table
For this "floating top" console, studio furniture maker Chico Sakman strove for strength and grace: delicate, but not too frail. He also wanted some unique details that would entice the viewer to scan the whole table.
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Enter to win: Restorer Reclaimed Wood Kit 2

Restorer Reclaimed Wood Kit
The Restorer Reclaimed Wood Kit 2 is specifically designed for cleaning up and brush sanding reclaimed lumber and barn boards. The included stainless steel wire wheel gets into tight cracks and crevices in the wood, stripping away years of debris and dirt. Follow up with the included 80 grit nylon brush to burnish down any loose fibres for a splinter-free, silky smooth finish. Contest ends April 11, 2021.
Woodworking news

High-performance adhesives and glues

Akfix adhesives
When you need to hold things together look to Akfix. They have a wide range of high- quality, high-performance, cost-effective indoor and outdoor adhesives and glues for use in the workshop, on the job site and around the home.
Woods to know


Woods to know: Iroko
Iroko is a magnificent tree found growing in tropical Africa. Many woodworkers are familiar with it as a substitute for genuine teak (Tectona grandis).

Share your photos

Sumac Box
You are invited to share your project or workshop photos with our readers.
Sumac Box by Terry Mader
Words for woodworkers
"Know safety, no injury. No safety, know injury."
Author unknown
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