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From Rob's Bench:

Big, old trees

Pando trees
I’ve just started to build a textured Douglas fir coffee table for a client. The lumber is all 8" wide and 2" thick, and it’s also stunningly straight-grained. On top of that, the boards, which I trimmed to 5' long, are nearly perfectly straight. The first step in making the table was to joint one face on each board, but it probably would have been fine to skip this stage and head right for my thickness planer.
Free plan:

Make a veneer-cutting jig

veneer cutting jig
Veneer is a great material to incorporate into a project, but it’s not machined in the same way solid wood is. This jig will allow you to trim veneer edges straight so they can be joined and pressed onto a substrate.

Woodworking news:

All-purpose latex wood fillers

DAP WoodPro is the wood filler born with over 150 years of DAP expertise. Its high-quality, latex-based formula creates a surface and body that looks and acts like real wood.
Home improvement:

Window film increases comfort and lowers energy costs

window film
Window film of one kind or another has been available for quite some time. There are films for privacy, window decoration, security, glare control, heat control or a combination of these features. Some of the first window films had unwanted side effects, but modern films do a better job of reflecting heat before it can radiate into the home and allowing more light to pass through the film with reduced glare. Films also reduce fading from light of interior furnishings, flooring and paintwork.
Woodworking news:

Innovation + Design 2021 competition and exhibition

Innovation + Design 2021
The International Society of Furniture Designers (ISFD) has announced that the Innovation + Design 2021 competition and exhibition is accepting entries through June 30. This is a juried competition intended for professional maker/designers and the next generation of serious woodworking students.
Shop project:

Make a scratch stock

scratch stock
This shop-made tool will help you customize small mouldings, as well as add pleasant details to the edges of surfaces. Whether it’s a bead, a groove or something else entirely, a scratch stock will add a third dimension to your work.
"In the workshop, wishing won't make it so. The craftsman is forced to come to terms with the physical properties of materials, the mechanical properties of tools, and the real capacity and limits of his own dexterity, discipline and imagination."

Peter Korn, "Why We Make Things and Why It Matters: The Education of a Craftsman"
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