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Spring workshop time. Almost!

Warmer weather means lots of woodworkers are coming out of hibernation. Plan your next project, and success is just around the corner.

I live in Peterborough, Ontario, and although it hasn’t been an awfully cold and snowy winter, I’m still looking forward to the warmer spring air. Today, it’s well above freezing, and tomorrow is going to be even warmer. I’m lucky enough to have a heated indoor workshop to keep me warm all winter while I build, but I can appreciate the fact that many of you are likely chomping at the bit, and the planning is well underway for your next project. Unheated shops are common in Canada, and the spring weather is the start of a busy six to eight months of woodworking and home improvement for many Canadians.
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Skill Builder:

Master the mortise and tenon

Mortise and tenon joinery is both attractive and structurally solid, making it one of the most widely used joinery in woodworking, with uses ranging from traditional frame and panel doors to furniture.

In this article Michael Kampen explains everything you need to know for you to cut precise stopped M&T joints.
Mortise and tenon joinery
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Skill Builder:

Add texture to your woodworking

Ever thought of adding texture to your next project? It’s fun, and helps create an eye-catching piece of furniture or woodwork.

In this video, Rob Brown, studio furniture maker and editor of CWHI, shares some thoughts on getting started with adding texture to your next project.
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Tool Review:


Hatchets are mini versions of axes, usually under 20” long and between 1 and 2 pounds in weight. Because they have shorter handles and lighter heads, they deliver less chopping power than axes. However, they’re lighter, making them easier to carry around and less tiring to use. Typically, they're used with one hand, which allows you to use your free hand to hold or steady whatever you're cutting. For light chopping, splitting and shaping a hatchet is hard to beat.

In general, hatchets with curved blades are best for cutting and splitting, while those with flat blades are more suited for making shearing cuts and carving. The thicker the blade the better it is at splitting wood. Most hatchets have a poll that can be used to set nails, pegs or stakes.

In this article we look at five hatchets – for shop, jobsite, around the home, or enjoying the great outdoors.
Woodworking News:

Your source for high-quality edge tools and more

Big Bear Tools is a Canadian wholesaler of high-quality edge tools and related products, including chisels, saws, knives, measuring and marking tools, pruners, axes, arborist gear, and sharpening equipment.

They feature high-quality products from quality brands like Silky Saws, Hultafors, Tormek, Original LÖWE, Notch Equipment, Weaver Leather, Fred Marvin and more.
Big Bear Tools

Enter to win: Oryx Viking Arm installation tool

The Viking Arm makes working alone much easier and with a lifting capacity of up to 330 pounds the range of applications is virtually unlimited. This ingenious and built-to-last tool helps with the installation of kitchens, windows, doors, cabinets, floors, fences and much more. Get into tight spaces and lift, clamp, press or tighten with controlled precision. Your imagination sets the limits. No purchase necessary.
Oryx Viking Arm
Woodworking News:

Whiteside premium router bits

KJP Select Hardwoods is now stocking a huge variety of premium Whiteside router bits manufactured in the U.S.. The KJP website is thoughtfully organized so you can quickly find the exact bit you're looking for. And when you can't find the style you need, simply reach out with the part number and they can quickly special order it for you. Orders over $150 also ship for free!

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