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From Rob's Bench:

Jason Schneider, an Anishinaabe youth and gluing end grain

His and Her Cabinets
While on The Furniture Society’s website the other day I came across the work of Jason Schneider, who is an American maker. I really liked one of his pieces, titled “His and Her Cabinets.” What initially looks like a single cabinet comes apart to reveal two separate cabinets. He has a few other pieces on his website ( that are pretty playful as well. If you can believe it, Jason has used corrugated cardboard to build many of his pieces, and they look great.
Woodworking Plan:

Build a classic bathroom vanity

bathroom vanity
The clean lines on this vanity look great, and it can be adapted to work in almost any bathroom. You can change the width, use a different colour finish, or even change the profile on the doors and drawers to suit your taste.
Woods to Know:


Sipo (aka Utile) is one those woods gathering favour among woodworkers looking for the Mahogany look without the Mahogany price.
Wood Finishing:

Hand-powered sanding

Sanding with a power tool is the first and most efficient step for creating a surface that’s ready for accepting a finish. Here’s an overview of the different hand-held sanders on the market today, and a description of what jobs they excel at.
Easy Project:

Activity centre

Activity Centre
Keep your child entertained with this activity centre. Tape paper to it, stock it with paints and crayons and let them be creative.
Tool Sharpening:

Hollow and flat grinding

Hollow & Flat Grinding
The method you choose to sharpen an edge tool, such as a plane iron or chisel, will result in either a hollow ground or flat tool face.
Wood Finishing:

Applying stains

Applying Stains
Try using stain to make even the most ordinary project look extraordinary.
"The feel and beauty of finely crafted wood…the refreshing smell of your workshop…
the absorbing joy of cutting and joining that makes the hours race by…
These are the reasons you love woodworking."
Jack Neff

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