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From Rob's Bench:

Veneer vs solid: The debate continues

Nesting Tables
Provocative headline aside, my column “Solid wood vs. veneer: Why veneer is simply better” struck a chord with many of our readers. It’s been five days since the column was published and I have eight comments already, probably a record for my column! I thought I’d respond to some of the comments this week.
Free Plan:

Spray booth for small shops

Spray Booth
Simple, lightweight and functional, this shop-made spray booth is the perfect small shop companion for your HVLP spray system.
Canadian Quotes:

Nick Barna

Nick Barna from Chelsea, Quebec, on Scandinavian design, growing his business and being pragmatic.
Skill Builder:

Top 10 ways to better use a table saw

table saw tips
The table saw is a very popular machine, mainly because it can take care of so many operations in a shop. Here are a few tips on how to better use your table saw for a safer, more productive small shop.
Skill Builder:

Pen making 101

Pen Making
There is a lot to know before you turn your first pen. Learn the terms, parts and tools associated with pen turning before you get started.
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Free Project:

Make a depth gauge

depth gauge
For most of us, measuring depth is just a matter of putting a ruler into the mortise and taking a reading. However, there are times when even our skinniest ruler won’t fit. That’s where a depth gauge comes in.

Enter for a chance to win a RALI 260 L hand plane

Win a Rali 260 hand plane
With its ergonomic form for better working comfort, the RALI 260 features a precision- laminated steel sole and anti-corrosion blackened steel side. The throat opening and back plate are also easily adjustable. Comes with one replaceable chrome steel blade and one re-sharpenable blade.
Skill Builder:

Sliding dovetails

sliding dovetail
Of the many styles of dovetail joints, none is as useful or strong as the sliding dovetail.

The sliding dovetail joint has a number of advantages: it’s mechanically strong, provides a decent amount of glue sur­face, is reasonably easy to machine and is attractive when assembled. You don’t need a whole lot of fancy tools to cre­ate it – just a router, router table and a dovetail bit.
Small change, small wonders -
these are the currency of my endurance and ultimately of my life.
Barbara Kingsolver
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