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High-quality pieces of wood art from around the world

I get a lot of emails about all sorts of woodworking-related topics. Everything from government trade programs, readers sharing their latest projects, questions about past articles, new product announcements…the list goes on. An email from a few days ago was about a new exhibition at the Wood Symphony Gallery, an online gallery dedicated to promoting and exhibiting contemporary arts made of wood. Although the exhibition’s focus is on U.S. wood artists, there are pieces from makers from 21 countries around the world.
Holland Van Gores
Skill Builder:

Project design

Building furniture of your own design can be a very rewarding venture. It gives you complete control over all aspects of your project: the style, shape, dimension and overall feel of the piece. And, it’s not as difficult as you might think.

You don’t have to be formally educated in design; with some basic knowledge and practice, you can be designing your own furniture in no time.

In this article, furniture maker Vic Tesolin takes you through the design process he used for a coffee table commission.
Coffee table design
Tool Review:

Pica-dry Longlife automatic pencil

I've been using a Pica-Dry Longlife mechanical pencil for the past month and prefer it much more than a traditional wood carpenter's pencil. It's comfortable to hold and use; very durable; leaves an easily visible line on just about any surface; the lead isn't overly soft, so it lasts a long time; and it fastens to my belt so it's always at hand.

The Pica is about 38mm (1-1/2") shorter than a traditional carpenter's pencil and weighs just about the same. The body is made of high impact ABS and the stem is stainless steel. It comes with an innovative holster that has a toothed clip so you can secure the holster to your tool belt or pants pocket and it has a built-in sharpener that works really well. Friction holds the pencil securely in the holster.
Pica-Dry Long LIfe
Workshop Poster:

Moisture meters

You want the wood in your shop to reach its equilibrium moisture content before you begin to use it. As humidity increases, the moisture content in wood increases, causing wood to expand. As humidity decreases, the moisture content decreases, causing the wood to shrink. Wood reaches its equilibrium moisture content when it neither gains nor loses moisture. The best way to find out the moisture content in your lumber is with a moisture meter.

Download this handy, free poster that you can put up in your workshop for practical tips on moisture meters.
Moisture Meters Poster

Visit our booth at Wood Yak

Stop by our booth for your chance to win a Trend Stealth Air APF10 reusable half mask respirator and DeWALT impact driver accessory kit.

Enter to win a Restorer Reclaimed Wood Kit 2

The Restorer Reclaimed Wood Kit 2 is specifically designed for cleaning up and brush sanding reclaimed lumber and barn boards. The included stainless steel wire wheel gets into tight cracks and crevices in the wood to strip away years of debris and dirt. Follow up with the included 80 grit nylon brush to burnish down any loose fibers for a splinter-free silky smooth finish.
Woodworking News:

Festool provides top-of-the-line dust extractors for a clean & efficient shop environment

Festool Canada’s family of CT Dust Extractors provides best-in-class mobile solutions to keep work areas efficient and practically dust-free. Festool’s extractors have powerful suction and robust container capacities that maximize their efficiencies and footprint. These German-engineered machines enable users to spend more time completing the job at hand and less time changing filter bags or cleaning up the shop. Seamlessly connecting to Festool power tools directly or with Bluetooth compatibility for tool-triggered activation, Festool’s CT lineup is engineered to provide premium dust control solutions that work intuitively to complement other tools in the workshop.
Festool Dust Extractors
"The understanding eye sees the maker’s fingerprints. They are evident in every detail ... Leave Fingerprints." James Krenov
Woodworking News:

King Canada 2021 spring/summer promotional flyer

King Canada Inc. has been bringing quality machinery, tools and equipment to the North American market for over 35 years.

They're Canada’s leading distributor of woodworking, metalworking, automotive and material handling machinery, tools, equipment and accessories. King Canada offers innovative products to commercial industries and institutions, as well as to homeowners and professional trades.

Check out their 2021 Spring/Summer promotional flyer for new products and fabulous pricing on a wide range of woodworking machinery, tools and accessories.
King Canada 2021 spring flyer
Chad Martin
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