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It’s all about the punctuation…I mean, the projects

I enjoy my job. Editing a magazine can mean different things for different publications, but my job essentially involves deciding who will write an article, planning when those articles will run, and then ensuring each article is complete, makes sense, involves safe practices and has the proper photography and illustrations to run with it.

Planning a nice mix of beginner-, intermediate- and advanced-level articles is always a bit of a juggling act. Projects are typically our most popular articles, so I want to make sure I include a good mix in our pages. I go about finding projects in a few different ways.
Japanese inspired tansu
Home Improvement:

How to Choose a Kitchen Sink That Shines

Whatever the reason for replacing your existing sink, it’s a job that’s certainly within the capability of expe­rienced DIYers, especially those who have undertaken some plumbing work previously. 

There are a variety of factors to consider when selecting your next kitchen sink—number of bowls, width and depth of the bowls, shape of the sink, how it’s mounted in the countertop, and the material from which it’s made. While appearance is an important factor, so is durability, scratch and stain resistance, and cost.

In this article we help you make the right choice when the time comes to purchase your new kitchen sink.
Kitchen Sink
Free Plan:

The Sawhorse - A Silent Partner

We don’t have to tell you how handy sawhorses are in the shop. They act like silent partners, assisting us whenever we need extra support.

This design comes from James Krenov, and it’s simple yet quite ingenious. While studying at Rosewood Studio Steve made them not only as a shop aid but also as a way to reinforce lessons in joinery.

A-frame-style sawhorses have a tendency to splay with heavier loads and don’t always store neatly out of the way. This one is made mostly from 1" by 3"-wide stock. Hardwoods such as maple or white ash work best, take all the abuse we are going to throw at it and don’t cost an arm or a leg.
Shop made sawhorse
sawhorse illustration
Virtual Wood Show 2021

Carbide Blades Offer Longer Service Life

Fein's E-Cut TiN (titanium nitride) coated hard metal plunge cut saw blade has outstanding wear resistance. It delivers a 100% higher service life compared to non-coated hard metal saw blades and has a 30 times longer lifespan compared to HSS saw blades.
Fein E-Cut Blade

Free Workshop Posters

Jazz up your workshop with one of 15 FREE reference posters, courtesy of Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement magazine.

View posters on your computer, print them, or save to a USB flash drive and have them printed in a super large format at a local print shop.
Workshop Posters
Tool Review:

JessEm Mite-R-Excel II Mitre Gauge

Most mitre gauges that come with a table saw suffer from three major problems. First, the support surface for the workpiece is usu­ally very limited. Second, often the bar doesn’t fit the table slot overly well. Third, the angle scale is usually not very accu­rate. Most mitre gauges can be set square with some effort and the use of a separate square, but a good mitre gauge should not take effort to make square and should not need the use of an additional tool. The overall accuracy is usually affected by all three of these problems, leaving the user with something less than usable. JessEm has addressed these three problems and more with their new mitre gauge.
JessEm Mite-R-Excel II Mitre Gauge
Reader Photos:

Curly Walnut and Cherry Rockers

Dallas Gara from Calgary, Alberta made this rocker from curly walnut with ziricote highlights and back braces.

Dallas works wood in his spare time just for fun and has been building rockers for a little over five years. He's inspired by Hal Taylor and Sam Maloof.
Curly Walnut Rocker

The Super Strong, Fast Acting Adhesive

Cyanoacrylate Glue (or CA Glue for short) is a fast acting, strong and quick drying adhesive used for bonding a wide range of materials, including wood, MDF, metal, rubber, leather, and almost all common substrates used in the woodworking industry.
Chad Martin
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