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Is There Woodworking on Mars?

I never figured the Mars Rover and woodworking would cross paths, but I was wrong. What started out as a simple jobsite table saw made of LEGO quickly turned into an overlooked attachment for NASA’s Mars Rover.

My son, Jonas, is super keen on science and any sort of engineering or building project, and this is what LEGO is all about. It was a natural fit for him to make a LEGO table saw, and then realize he could turn it into a NASA Perseverance Rover. The change from standard Rover to table saw Rover can take place in a few minutes. Pretty good, I’d say.
Shop Project:

Veneer Press Table

The trickiest part of working with veneer is pressing it to a substrate properly. This great little fixture is easy to make and will lend a hand when it comes to pressing veneer for your next project.

When Bessey Tools brought out their workbench adapters it extended the range of their clamps that could be used in the wood shop. It also gave me the idea of a veneer press table that could be modified as needed. While the table in this article is sized for small to medium projects, it could realistically be scaled up to a full sheet of MDF if you wanted.
veneer press table
Tool Review:

Spyderco CBN Benchstone

The 306CBN is comparable in price to a monocrystalline diamond-coated sharpening stone. It offers much better value than a waterstone in that it's harder, more durable, lasts longer and will never need to be flattened. And you'll get back to what you enjoy more quickly - working wood.

At 3" x 8" the 306CBN is big enough to handle the largest plane blades and it easily accommodates a honing guide. One side has a fast, aggressive 400-mesh (about 37 micron) and on the other side is a somewhat slower cutting 800-mesh (about 15 micron). You can use the 400-mesh side for flattening the back of chisel and plane blades and for general edge shaping and maintenance. Use the other side to refine the edge. 
Spyderco CBN

Is COVID-19 Having an Impact on Your Woodworking

We’ve received more than 700 responses to our quick 2-question survey on how the pandemic has affected woodworkers. The survey closes Feb. 28 so if you’ve not yet responded, please take a minute to do so now. You can also enter draw to win a Armor Auto-Jig Pocket Hole System

Join Rob Brown and Chad Martin at the 2021 Virtual Wood Show.

This year's Virtual Wood Show runs from March 5 to 7 on your computer or mobile device. There's no software or app to upload - you just visit the wood show's website.

On Friday, March 5, Rob Brown, editor of Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement magazine, will talk about adding texture to furniture and woodwork. On Saturday, March 6, Chad Martin, our sales director, talks about working with and supporting museums through woodworking.
Furniture Plan:

Build a Kitchen Table

My goal was to create a table with room for four people to eat, but be able to expand it for slightly larger gatherings.

To maximize leg room, I didn’t want an apron under the table’s perimeter. The lack of an apron posed certain strength and design challenges. This isn’t the type of table I’d encourage you to get on top of and dance, but it’s more than strong enough for day-to-day eating and the occa­sional family gathering. The finished size of the table top is 60" long × 30" wide, though this can be adjusted to suit your needs.
Kitchen table

Woods to Know: Tamarack

When looking for a "tough" wood, woodworkers tend to favour characteristics like Janka hardness and strength. Tamarack may be a softwood but this tree is plenty tough. It is the last tree you will see as you cross into the Arctic tundra, easily handling temperatures approaching -65 degrees Celsius.

Tamarack prefers the swamps, bogs and muskeg of Northern Canada. It grows from the Yukon and Northwest territories south to the Northeastern United States. In the boreal forest, it can grow in pure stands while it mixes with other species further south.
Woodworking News:

Wood Filler That Looks and Acts Like Real Wood

DAP WOOD PRO is the all-purpose latex-based filler for use in the workshop and around the home. DAP WOOD PRO-X, with DryDex Dry Time Indicator, goes on pink and dries white.

Both WOOD PRO products excel at repairing cracks, gouges, holes and other surface defects on furniture, woodwork, moulding, cabinets, panelling, plywood, windows, doors and painted surfaces.
Virtual Wood Show 2021

Share your woodworking photos

You are invited to share your project or workshop photos with Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement.

Photo: Cliff Bentham, from Victoria, BC, made this knife block from western maple and walnut.

Cliff Bentham knife block side view
Chad Martin
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