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Sometimes Simple is Best

It’s satisfying to complete a project that pushes your skills, and looks impressive, but simple projects, completed in a Zen-like state, also have a lot going for them.

I’ve competed lots of complex, large jobs, and almost always look back on them fondly. Finishing a project that’s technically difficult is pretty satisfying, especially if you weren’t sure if you had the skills to complete it in the first place. But finishing a small job can also be very rewarding, though the reasons are much different. There’s something nice about starting and finishing a project on the same day. When you started there was just a plank or two of lumber sitting on the shelf. Once complete, the lumber has been turned into a beautiful, functional object, with quality joinery and smooth surfaces that encourages you to smile. It’s a good feeling.
Zen garden rake
Skill Builder:

Making Compound Curves

Laying out compound curves need not be difficult. An accurately made form and a healthy dose of planning both play important roles in producing furniture parts with these seemingly untamable curves.

In this article Rob Brown explains how to mill your stock, build the forms, and glue up the components for a compound curve. Grab a length of 2 by 4 and give it a try before you before you slice into that last board of curly koa you've been saving.
Table with compound curved legs
Tool Review:

DeWALT 20V Cordless Compact Router

It's no wonder the DeWALT DCW-600B won our 2020 Readers Choice Power Tool of the Year award for 2020. For light to moderate routing tasks in the workshop and on the jobsite this router is hard to beat. 

The router comes as a bare tool with a fixed base, but you can use any DeWALT 20V MAX battery with it. An optional plunge base (DNP612) is also available, along with a bevy of other accessories.

The DCW-600B is a great compromise between a lightweight cordless trim router and a mid-sized corded router. It's solidly built, has a quick and easy-to-use bit height adjustment feature, a quick acting electric brake, and a comfortable grip. This is a router you won't regret adding to your power tool arsenal.

Is COVID-19 Having an Impact on Your Woodworking?

Please answer two questions in the Canadian Woodworking survey about how COVID-19 is affecting your woodworking and do-it-yourself projects. Replies are completely confidential. Survey ends Feb. 28 and if you provide email you'll be including in a draw to win an Armor Auto-Jig Pocket Hole System.
Woodworking News:

Power Up With A Helical Spiral Cutterhead

Based in Sooke, BC, My Wood Cutters is a leading Canadian online retailer of professional cutting tools for woodworkers. They offer an extensive line of spiral cutter heads to upgrade your jointer or planer, as well as conventional planer and jointer blades, molding knives, and shaper cutters.

LUX CUT III cutterheads are available for the most popular models of planers and jointers.
Spiral cutterheads
Free Plan:

21st Century Writing Desk

Although the design of this table may appear complicated, the construction is remarkably straightforward. Simple and reliable techniques make it easy to taper the legs and flow them into the side stretchers.

The table can be broken into three sets of components: the top; side assemblies (each consisting of two legs and two side stretchers); and two long stretchers.
Writing Desk
Woodworking News:

Festool Launches Systainer3

Festool Canada has unveiled its largest Systainer release ever with the new Systainer3 tool organization systems, providing efficient protection, storage and transportation of all tools and materials in the workshop or on the jobsite.

This new generation of Systainers delivers a seamless connection to previous Systainer generations while bringing to life new products such as the Systainer3 XXL and the Systainer3 Organizer that ensure increased mobility and space utilization.
Festool Systainer3
Woodworking News:

One Forest - One Lumber

Teak is one of the most sought after timbers in the world. The virtually weatherproof wood is built to last. Teak is extremely durable, resistant to the ravages of weather, chemicals and all kinds of would be attackers, from termites, fungi and specialized wood-boring marine clams.

Knowing the different quality grades ensures you are maximizing your budget on whatever project you are working on. Maybe a lower grade will be perfectly fine, or you can go for a particularly high-quality piece for a certain high visibility area. Either way, knowing the right grade for you ensures you are spending only what is required for your favourite projects.
teak flooring
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