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From Rob's Bench:

Even the simplest projects can go awry

All Ready to Go
I’ve said it before, but we woodworkers are a lucky bunch. While other folks are shopping for gifts for holidays, we’re in our shops making something for the loved ones in our lives.
Free Plan:

Universal table saw sled

table saw sled
As woodworkers are well aware, it can be challenging to achieve accuracy and safety when working on a table saw. This multi-functional sled will help with both of these critical tasks, and open up new machining and joinery options for you, too.
Woodwokring News:

Enjoy woodworking without leaving your house!

KJP Select Hardwoods
Sponsored: KJP Select Hardwood’s extensive website has over 45 different species of wood. They also carry high-end tools and woodworking products.
Skill Builder:

Top 10 tips for using a bandsaw

using a bandsaw
We know setting up a bandsaw properly is critical to getting good results from this shop workhorse, but that means nothing without getting into the details. Consider these bandsaw setup basics, as well as a few simple tips, that might not fall into the standard “setting up your bandsaw” list.
Tool Review:

King Canada plunge router / Trimmer combo kit

King Canada Plunge Router
Ask anyone who owns one and they’ll tell you trim router combo kits are indispensable. With a fixed and plunge base and other accessories included in the kit, these pint-sized routers pack power and plenty of features, and the King 8366K is no exception.
Wood Finishing:

Basics of spraying

Basics of Spraying
After the many hours spent carefully building a project, it's only natural to want to give it the best finish possible. Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of woodworkers find the finishing phase of a project to be messy, difficult, unsatisfying and tedious.
Featured Product:

FEIN oscillating multi-tools – precision sanding with a single tool

FEIN multi-tool
Sponsored: The wide selection of accessories makes a FEIN oscillating multi-tool the top choice for carpenters, renovators, woodworkers and avid DIYers.
A&M Wood Specialty
Repetition leads to the forgetfulness of the self,
and by transcending the self, the artisan allows the work to do itself.
Mira Nakashima
King CA - SB - 01-22
KJP - LSB - 03-22
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