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Side Tables and Sapphirewings

Not long after I posted my column last week, I heard from my new friend Glenn Bartley, who assured me he had enough photos of his side table build to document the project for our magazine. In my column I mentioned how images are so important to a woodworking magazine like CW&HI. Dark, out-of-focus photos that don’t clearly show a step to our readers are of no help to anyone, and are enough to make even the most hardened editor tear up. Glenn has travelled the world photographing birds, so I’m sure his skills are more than up to capturing images of raw wood being turned into a piece of furniture.
Glen and Friend
Skill Builder:

Free Workshop Posters

Jazz up your workshop with one of 15 FREE reference posters, courtesy of Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement magazine.

These posters are in a PDF format. To view a poster on your computer you'll need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You can then print the poster, or save it to a USB flash drive and have it printed in a super large format at a print shop near you. To find a local printing service search "printing services near me" in your browser.
Workshop Posters
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Automated Carving for Shop, Home or Makerspace

Sienci Labs is a Canadian company founded in 2016 to make CNC more accessible for the average maker and craftsperson. Their latest machine, the LongMill, is a benchtop CNC router aimed at both beginner and experienced woodworkers who are looking to get started in CNC woodworking.
Sienci Longmill
Free Plan:

Build a Side Table with a Floating Top

This simple yet stylish side table is a great addition to any home, and it can be modified to suit. Changing the width or length, using a different wood species or modifying the style of the top would all be great ways to customize this table. The table features a modern, floating veneered-top with tapered legs.

The table is a collaboration between studio furniture maker Steve Der-Garabedian and Vic Tesolin, aka the "Minimalist Woodworker." It was built "in real time" at the 2018 Woodstock Woodshow.
Side table with floating top
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The Best Mechanical Pencil You'll Ever Use

The Pica-Dry automatic long-life pencil is the only construction marker with effective dust control and moisture protection. It's perfect for use on the job site or in the workshop.
Pica-Dry Marker
Wood Finishing:

Top 10 Finishes

For anyone new to the craft of woodworking, knowing which finish to use and how to apply it is fraught with confusion, uncertainty and disappointment. But wood finishing doesn’t have to be all that complicated or distressing. 

Learn the basics of when and how to use these finishes and you will be well on your way to success in woodworking’s crucial final stage.
Top Ten Finishes
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Spiral Cutterheads Deliver Superior Performance

Spiral cutterheads are quieter, require less energy to operate and leave a smoother finish, with no tear-out, especially when it comes to figured woods. Each knife is staggered on the cutterhead and sits at a slight angle to produce a shearing cut. This combined shear and staggered cut eliminates tear-out and leaves a glassy surface finish on even highly figured hardwood.
Woods to Know:

Afrormosia (Pericopsis elata)

Afrormosia is one of the most valuable timbers harvested and imported from Africa. Renowned for its durability, it is often used as a substitute for genuine teak (Tectona grandis). In fact, it is often called African teak.

It has a distinct sweet and spicy odor while being freshly worked. Afrormosia is a beautiful wood and deserves consideration for many woodworking projects on its own merits.

Reader Photos

We asked you to send us photos of your work, and we're blown away with the response. Marquetry, furniture, cabinetry, wood turning, carving, shop aids - there are a lot of talented woodworkers across Canada. And we'll be featuring some of you in upcoming issues of our magazine. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a novice woodworker we'd love to see your work - keep these photos coming.
Scroll Saw Fish Montage
Mission style end table
Mark Baker Scrap Magic
Chad Martin

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