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Happy New Year from all of us at

Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement

From Rob's Bench:

One fun marble run

marble run
This column rounds out exactly one year of weekly posts (as long as you give me a pass for the week off leading up to Christmas), and I just realized today I have yet to mention a small, portable marble run I made with my son almost two years ago.
Skill Builder:

Most-read articles in 2021

reading canadian woodworking
Each year we publish close to 100 articles - project plans, tool reviews, tips and techniques, wood finishing, home improvement and more - giving you the information you need to sharpen your skills and inspiration for your next project.
Woodworking Plan:

Make a wood wine box

Wine Box
A great way to serve and preserve wine, this dovetailed wine box will also help steer the conversation towards your amazing woodworking skills.
Featured Product:

Woodcut Pro-Forme hollowing kits

Woodcut Pro-Forme
Pro-Forme tools are specifically designed as hollowing tools for end and side grain projects. And unlike other toolssd, you don't need to keep adjusting the cutter.
A&M Wood Specialty
Wood Finishing:

Brush on the right way

Brushes for Applying a Finish
You can get beautiful results applying film finishes – shellac, varnish, polyurethane, waterborne and lacquer – with a brush. But, to do so, you need to select the right brush and use the right technique.
Tool Review:

Whiteside ultimate router pattern bit

Whiteside Ultimate Router Pattern Bit
The large cutting radius and high shear angles on this 7/8" diameter cutter give exceptional results.
Ecopoxy - LB - 09-21
Skill Builder:

3D models save time and money

3D Models
There are many aspects involved in furniture design. Rough sketches and computerized drawings are popular techniques used in the creative process, but they are not the only choices when it comes to designing beautiful, functional furniture.
Tegs - LB - 08-21 - A
“That's the point of working with one's hands, you see.
It gives the mind something else to do besides worry.”
Charles Todd
Canadian Woodworking gift
Big Bear - SB - 08-21
Ecopoxy - LSB - 09-21
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