Win a RALI Shark M chisel package

The Swiss made RALI™ Shark is a revolutionary wood chisel. Each RALI Shark has 3 different blade width options that can be interchanged. This replaceable blade design saves you time sharpening, and effectively gives you three chisels for the price of one. The Shark comes in small, medium, and large, each with 3 blade widths available for a total of 9 widths.

The RALI Shark M package includes the medium chisel, plus 5 of each blade width: 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm.

Contest ends July 30, 2021

Rali chisels

Building a custom fence

Fencing can have a dramatic impact on the curb appeal of your home, and can also provide a safer area for young children or pets to play in. 

Wood fencing remains very popular, with prefabricated treated pan­els and 4″ by 4″ pressure-treated posts the most common choice of materials. This is because they are relatively quick to install and cost less than other types of fencing, though they do require more maintenance. Even though there is some choice in the style of prefab fencing, it still has a bland, uniform look that really doesn’t enhance the appearance of a house.

custom fence

Build a wall cabinet with a sliding door

This simple wall cabinet is easy to build, and the single sliding door offers a good opportunity to add colour, texture or another decorative touch.

You can use plywood or solid wood, and paint , stain or apply you’re preferred finish to the project.

wall cabinet

Chair and table

Alyre used repurposed maple to build the chairs and both plywood and hardwood for the writing desk. Joinery is glue and screws. The finish is an oil stain top coated with an oil base varnish to give it a wet look.

table and chair by Alyre Vaillancourt
chair by Alyre Vaillancourt

Rough-milled or planed teak lumber for the discerning homeowner

Our rough-milled or planed teak lumber is perfect for a wide variety of uses including marine decking and boat building, architectural projects, furniture, woodworking and more. We provide the teak ready for finishing by the end-user, Mys-Teak hardwood is perfect for even the most demanding projects and applications, and we also offer a wide variety of colours and grades to match your style.

Teak is an excellent choice for discerning homeowners and builders looking for a unique look with added durability. Teak flooring offers exceptional dimensional stability, ensuring that even in the most humid climates your boards won’t warp or buckle. Teak is known for its incredible durability and water resistance due to high oil content, giving it the highest decay-resistance among all natural wood products. When you purchase from Mys-Teak we can accommodate a variety of flooring depending on the look you are hoping for and have a number of options at different price points to suit your needs. Our mandate is to provide the highest quality teak hardwood while ensuring clarity and honesty in our pricing and delivery.

teak flooring
Teak porch floor