Intarsia Owl & Wolf

The Owl is made out of Jatoba, Wenge, Canary, Lacewood and Maple. It’s size is 17″ X 18″.

The  Wolf head is made with Peruvian Walnut, Shedua, Makore, Pine and Maple. The size is 12.5″ X 16″

Intarsia Owl
Intarsia Wolf

Whale Flute

Inspired by a photo I took on a whale watching adventure out of Telegraph Cove, BC. Formed, cut, carved, ground, sculpted out of local Vancouver Island cedar.

Whale sculpture

Cedar Parquet End Table

I used nothing but cedar that I milled. There are no mechanical fasteners (no nails, pins, screws). Just good old fashioned joinery and Gorilla wood glue. The finish is just 4 coats of Boiled Linseed Oil. The backing of the parquet cedar strips is solid cedar butt joined together. it was a really fun project to do.

Cedar table top
Cedar Table

Rags to Riches

Re-purposed Barn board, tin ceiling tiles and newel posts from the family farm house, a lot of love, and flooded with Ecopoxy to make a family dining room table.

Recycled part for table
The ‘raw’ material
Kitchen table
Repurposed and resplendent

Build a Kitchen Table

My goal was to create a table with room for four people to eat, but be able to expand it for slightly larger gatherings.

To maximize leg room, I didn’t want an apron under the table’s perimeter. The lack of an apron posed certain strength and design challenges. This isn’t the type of table I’d encourage you to get on top of and dance, but it’s more than strong enough for day-to-day eating and the occa­sional family gathering. The finished size of the table top is 60″ long × 30″ wide, though this can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Kitchen table
Kitchen table plan