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Canadian Quotes: Elynyd Benjamin

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In our newest profile of Canadian woodworkers we feature wood artist and carpenter Elynyd Benjamin from Nelson, BC, who ruminates on glue-ups, mistakes and being a morning person.

Build a Blanket Box

Offering much needed bedroom storage space, and a place to sit for a moment, this blanket box design is fun to build and very customizable to your décor. A box like this can be easily scaled up or down and used to store linens, toys, games, clothing…almost anything.

It can be stationary on feet or mobile with added casters. It can have an added cushion for seating, or left plain for simple storage. Materials can be left natural or stained then clear-coated or can be painted for added colour. 

Blanket Box
Blanket Box Project Plan

Create your own customized Tormek T-8

The Tormek T-8 is the most advanced slow speed water cooled grinding and honing machine on the market. Now you can customize your own T-8 with the “Tormek T-8 Custom”.

It includes a Tormek T-8 sharpening machine without grinding wheel and honing wheel. The package does include the essential Tormek accessories: the HB-10 Tormek handbook on sharpening, the WM-200 AngleMaster to measure the edge angle, the US-105 universal support to give support for the jigs, and an instructional DVD.

The rest is up to you to decide by just adding the other accessories separately. Choose between the original 220/1000 grit grinding wheel, a diamond wheel, a blackstone silicone wheel or a 4000 grit waterstone. Add either a leather or composite honing wheel. Finally, chose the sharpening accessories that suite the type of woodworking you do. For more information visit

Tormek T-8

Short Lumber is Undiscovered Gold

Truth is we don’t always need long lengths of wood for our projects. Lumber in the 4′ to 6′ lengths is both practical and economical.

Exotic Woods has a huge 10,000 board foot assortment of 4/4 and 8/4 lumber in 6′ lengths, including walnut, cherry, white oak, teak and ash. You will find these lengths are often cleaner with less defects that longer length lumber. And, they’re a lot easier to load into your vehicle. These shorts are great for most projects and at reduced pricing will help your project come in at or below budget!

Visit the store in Burlington, ON, or shop online – the knowledgeable staff at Exotic Woods Inc. are there to help.

Exotic Woods Lumber