Blanket Chest

Built from oak and nut wood for a lovely bride to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. The cabinet is made from Terminalia superba, aka ‘limba’, or ‘korina’, native to tropical western Africa. Finished with ‘gommalacca’ (shellac).

Blanket Chest

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Canadian Woodworking Oct Nov 2020
Canadian Woodworking Oct Nov 2020

Simple Nightstand

For this simple nightstand Craig put a shelf above the drawers so books and other items could be stored within reach, but not clutter up the top. It’s made out of cherry with poplar for the drawer slides. All the panels are resawn, bookmatched cherry. The drawer fronts were also resawn from the same piece of cherry to get a nice grain match. Craig turned matching knobs on his lathe. 


Oak Bookcase

The top and bottom of this bookcase are made of solid oak. The shelves and side are oak plywood.  

The front of the shelves are trimmed with oak and the back is 1/4″ oak plywood.  It stands 78″ tall, 36-1/2″ wide, and 11″ deep.  I made the trim for the top but bought ready made trim for the front of the shelves. 

This project took about two weeks and was made for my church library.

Solid Oak Bookcase

Carve a Curvy Spoon